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The Dorstil fire doors have been tested and certified by FIRES, confirming these doors can hold fire for about 60 minutes. Dorstil products have all met requirements of ISO 900:2008 Quality Management System Standards and certificates of conformity to Turkish standards have been issued for all wood based boards.
DCS Dorstil doors are ISO certified and in conformity to Turkish and EU
standards with 8 years minimum guarantee and 2 years warranty on appliances. View our Gallery of Doors

Having crowned its experience of more than 20 years in the industry with national certificates such as ISO 9001 quality management system primarily and TS 12655 and  international certificates such as Fires and Holz Forschung, DORSTIL has been taken firm steps towards the leadership in the industry and constitutes the leading power for development of the industry. DORSTIL has the highest standards among the standards of steel doors manufactured all over the world. View our Gallery of Steel Doors


* How much does this door weigh?
It is generally the first question we ask when buying a steel door: but it is a wrong question. Doors weight is majorly the result of wooden or MDF planes mounted on both surfaces of the door: therefore, the weight mentioned here will not be realistic.
It is adviseable to care about a steel door’s technical features than its weight.

* Is it possible for a buglar to break down this door?
This is also a commonly asked question which puts the seller in a very difficult position. If he says ‘yes’, he may not be able to sell the door; but if he says ‘no’, it may not be true. What is important here is that the door should be technically resistant. The higher the quality of the door you purchase, the longer it will take to break down your door.

* How thick is the door leaf?
While thickness of a steel door used to range between 45-50mm, it is much thicker now. This is actually a technique used in safe boxes; in other words, it is an illusion. It just looks safer but it is hollow. It also does not cost company high enough to influence door prices. It is even advisable to avoid too thick door leaves as the broader you make the door leaf, the broader you will need to make between the door leaf and the steel case; which will enable tools such as levers or chisels to move with much ease in this space.

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